Below are links to all the agendas for the last twelve months.  You can gain access to earlier agendas by contacting the Clerk.

Guidance for members of the public on what to expect when attending formal Parish Council Meetings.

Click on the appropriate meeting name to open the agenda for that meeting.  All files are in Adobe PDF format. 

Committee Date of Meeting
Parish Council 8th December 2017
Extraordinary Parish Council 18th December 2017
Parish Council 18th January 2018
Parish Council 15th February 2018
Parish Council 5th April 2018
Annual Parish Council 10th May 2018
Parish Council 14th June 2018
Parish Council 19th July 2018
Parish Council 6th September 2018
Extraordinary Parish Council 13th September 2018
Parish Council 11th October 2018
Barn Committee 23rd November 2017
Barn Committee 22nd March 2018
Barn Committee 12th July 2018
Highways & Footpaths Committee 9th November 2017
Highways & Footpaths Committee 8th March 2018
Highways & Footpaths Committee 28th June 2018
Recreation Committee 6th July 2017
Recreation Committee 16th November 2017
Recreation Committee 5th July 2018
Planning Committee 3rd September 2018
Planning Committee 1st October 2018
Planning Committee 15th October 2018