Barn RFPurley on Thames is fortunate to have as a community centre a beautifully converted ancient barn.  It can be viewed on this site under the heading ‘Amenities – Community Halls’.

The Barn is managed by the Amenities Manger, reporting to the Barn Management Committee, and the committee is charged with making all the policy and financial decisions involved with the use of the Barn.

In detail, the committee’s remit is:

  • Liaison with, and guidance to the Amenities Manager;
  • Bookings process, terms & conditions of hire,  and setting of hire fees;
  • Care and maintenance of the barn structure,  storage, equipment and plant;
  • Risk Assessment,  Health & Safety policy and compliance
  • Promoting the Barn as a community facility.

The committee meets three times per year, in order to make all the important decisions relating to the management of the Barn.  Staff and Councillors work throughout the year in between the meetings to ensure that the decisions are implemented.

The Councillors on the committee are:

Bernard Nix  (Chairman)
Pam Beddoes
John Chapman
Stuart Chester
Rick Farrow
Rick Jones

The Amenities Manager (Barn Management) is a non-voting co-opted member of the committee and attends meetings.

Residents who wish to enquire about the Barn should contact the Amenities Manager. Contact and booking details are contained in the main Barn item on this site,  under Amenities – Community Halls – The Barn.