Flood Chat Page

This page has been created to allow residents of Purley on Thames to exchange any comments or views about the the current flood situation in Purley on Thames.  Please be polite.  Posts are moderated and any deemed offensive will be removed.  Your first post will need to be approved, after that posts will be published without the need for approval.

Please note that the content of messages on this page represent only the views of the author.  They should not be construed as reflecting the views, policy or opinion of Purley of Thames Parish Council.


 The Flood Chat Page is currently closed for comments.  It will become available again should a flood situation look imminent.

4 Responses to “Flood Chat Page”

  • Webmaster says:

    If you would like to be given approval to make comments on this chat page please reply to this comment. Any further comments you then make using the same name, email address and broadband connection (technical reasons) will then be published immediately without further approval being required but will still be moderated.

    • Carole Bull says:

      I’d like to thank the council for putting up the notice asking flood tourists not to take pictures of local residents and their homes.

  • Joel Ellis says:

    Authorising comment.

  • Andrew Hazell says:

    Authorising comment 🙂