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Updated October 2020

Chairmen’s Advisory Group
Sue Briscoe (Chairman)
Martin Bishop (Vice Chairman)
Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of each standing committee

Grants Working Group
Pam Beddoes (Chairman)
Gordon Adams
Christine Collier
Neil Haughton
Bernie Nix

Human Resources Advisory Group
Pam Beddoes
Martin Bishop
Sue Briscoe
Rick Farrow
Rick Jones
Jane Langford

Financial Regulations Advisory Group
Rick Jones

Health, Safety, Access and Security Advisory Group
Pam Beddoes
Martin Bishop
Chris Collier
Rick Farrow
Rick Jones
Bernard Nix

Villager of the Year
Pam Beddoes (Co-ordinator)

Goosecroft Development
Martin Bishop
John Chapman
Rick Farrow

Jane Langford is appointed to liaise with the letting agent on behalf of the Parish Council

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